Your 5-Power-Play C-Suite Career Plan

by Deb Dib on June 23, 2010

While working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and very senior executives for years, and through three recessions, I’ve found no matter what the economy, the strategies for executive career growth are still the traditional best-practices that we’ve always known. The tools we use and the way we execute may be different, but the concepts are still clear and effective.

It takes just 5 power plays for a strategic, simple, sustainable plan that will keep CEO careers healthy and vigorous in any economy. They are:

Become the CEO of YOU.

When you prioritize your career management as much as your company management you’re not scrambling to gain traction when you need a job…and with executive tenures shrinking to less than 3 years, you WILL need a job.

Brand to land!

Executives who aren’t differentiated with platinum brands and value propositions have a harder time leading the marketplace or making the short list, and take far longer to land. You want to be visible, viable, and valuable so you can be the hunted not the hunter and have jobs come to you.

Write tight.

The new rule of career management, job search, web writing, and distracted multi-tasking decision makers is “small is the new big.” The 3-page executive resume is dead, replaced by a LinkedIn profile and a branded bio. When you do use a resume it needs to be tightly focused on a value message, ROI impact, mission critical accomplishments, and potential rather than skills, responsibilities, and history.

Get social.

Nurture your network, on and off line. NOW, not when your need it most. Like networking, social media is a must-do that most executives bypass, through ignorance of its importance, or through simple lack of time. Web 2.0 has changed the landscape, created transparency and broken down barriers between companies, customers, and stakeholders. Ignore this at your peril.

Diversify for Career ROI.

Career management and job search activities fall into 2 camps – High ROI and low ROI activities. Don’t work on just one front! Low ROI activities take little time for few results. They include posting on job boards and working with recruiters. High ROI activities, take time and effort, but yield better results. They include networking – off-line and on-line – as well as researching the market and target companies and developing tailored value propositions for direct contact.

Are you prepared to move up, or move over?

Don’t let your competitors overtake you! In business and in careers, preparation is everything. Build connections early, make sure your know your branded value and how that fits with today’s market, and make your brand visible and valuable with strategic on- and off- line activities. Be sure your career communications are at the ready and refreshed for today’s market needs, so you can ramp up and roll out at a moment’s notice.

Deliberate brand and career management with the 5-Power-Play CEO Career Plan will help you better engage stakeholders and solidify your position in your present company—and when you choose to move, you’ll land the best fitting job in record time, with a healthy bump in compensation.

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